sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011

Entrevista/Interview DIGITAL ARTIST TAIWAN

HEY! hace un mes, mas o menos, me entrevistaron para DIGITAL ARTIST TAIWAN, aunque no lo crean tengo muchos seguidores de mi Blog en Asia (lo se porque los veo en las estadisticas de mi blog).

Y al parecer les gusta mucho mi trabajo, y hoy me llegaron un par de revistas con esa entrevista. Aqui pueden ver las imagenes y como no entiendo que dicen les dejo el texto sin editar que les mande (claro esta en Ingles, yo espa;ol ellos Taiwanes? no nos ivamos a entender mucho.


HI! a couple weeks ago DIGITAL ARTIST TAIWAN interview me for the may Issue, apparently in Asia they really like my work ( i know cuz i check the blogger statistics), here are the images of the magazine that arrive this week and the original interview text.


DIGIART-01. What can you tell us about yourself and your background ?

I was born and raised in Mexico, i studied GRAPHIC DESIGN in the local University, and i;ve been working since i finish college doing Illustration and Graphic Design trying to grow as an artist

DIGIART-02. How would you describe your style ?

Very clean, Symetric and full with simbolism. The reminisces of Mucha.

DIGIART-03. What inspires you ?

Mostly Nature and the old concepts of woman beauty like the MUCHA portraits, the ambivalence in female nature how thay can be so powerful and delicate at the same time.

DIGIART-04. Your digital artworks often have a special style about them, what fascinates you about this style ?

I like the cleaness of the trace and the use of complementary colors, also because of my formation as a Gaphic Designer i have this tendency to put elements like simetry and the use of grids to make more organized, that are very used in GD.

DIGIART-05. What are your favorite digital and traditional mediums or software to work in, and why ?

Traditional media are the ones that let me sketck quickly, like pencils, markers, acrylics and spraycans. Digital i Love vectorial programs such as Illustrator, and also use photoshop cuz allows me to get better at my work.

DIGIART-06. Do you combine traditional and digital media in your work ? How and why ?

Yes because i draw sketches traditionaly like pencil and paper, but like 80% of my work are finish in a digital media, thats because the use i give to them.

DIGIART-07. Do you have a set workflow ? What is it and how does this benefit your work ?

Always start with a hand-drawing sketch, when i find a concept that i like i start using the computer to make it better, adding elements from diferent sketches that never make it as an illustration, i like this flow because it make me more faster in the composition and also alows me to not get stuck thinking over and over again about secundary elements.

DIGIART-08. How to be a good digital illustrator ? tell us some suggestions ?

Mostly keep working everyday, drawing, painting, designing doing the thing you love. Keep knocking doors weathers is a job, gallery or exposition putting your work out there.

DIGIART-09. What are your plans for the coming year and the future ?

Have a second solo show here in mexico and im making the artwork right know, hopping that some pieces going to diferent places, also im starting a small company to distribute my work around the world.

DIGIART-10. Your personal portfolio website ? Your Location ? Software used ?

Im working on mi website right know so you can find me here:



Am a based artist here in MEXICO,

I love Use Adobe Illustrator.